Otis Spunkmeyer Ready to Eat_Cover.jpg

Otis Spunkmeyer is a brand name that's known and loved for fundraisers, and it just go a little bit better! This brand new program is full of individually sealed and ready to eat scrumptious snacks.

This brand new Otis Spunkmeyer Ready to Eat brochure has everything you love about Otis without frozen food! 13 delicious snacks that are perfect for the kid's lunchbox, your purse or gym bag (we won't tell!). Every product comes in a 6 or 8-pack. PLUS other brand names you can't live without like Hershey's, Cinnabon and Reese's.

We help schools, scouts, sports teams, and other organizations raise the funds they need. In addition to quality products, we offer step by step guidance to help you find the right fundraising idea for your organization, plan your event, and execute a successful and profitable fundraiser.



ACCUMULATIVE PRIZE PROGRAM: Kids can earn up to 11 prizes or cash


INCENTIVES: Giving kids a daily incentive creates so much excitment. We offer our Lanyards & Collectibles -These change every single year with a new collection. Included are posters and educational materials for teachers.  We can also customize with Smencils, Charms, Cash Candy Bars, Prize grab bags and so much more.

TEACHER INCENTIVES: If a teacher has 50% participation in the classroom, they get to spend $50.00 in the catalog!  We know it take everyone to create excitement.

PRINCIPAL INCENTIVES: If your principal will do something fun and wild with the kids at the end of the sale, the principal can spend $50.00 from our catalog.

SPONSOR INCENTIVES: There is always something special for you!!  A thank you for running a sale with Village Fundraising!

FREE PRIZE PROGRAM: Yes- We offer many types of prize programs from accumulative to custom created!  Traditional Prize programs - Accumulative,  2% Cash Back.  Custom Created options.

FULL COLOR HUGE PRIZE POSTERS to hang all around the school!

PACK PER STUDENT: Yes, not only do we tally for you, we pack per student/classroom with prizes included!

ONLINE STORE: Reach friends and family nationwide with our online store! We also give away $25,000 worth of prizes per year to those kids that play our instant winner game and sent out 10 letters to friends and family!