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Smencils & Smens

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Smencils are scented pencils made from recycled newspaper,

and feature bio-degradable corn-based plastic freshness tubes!

Kids love them! They will want to buy them all!!



  • Regular-Sport-Seasonal-Licensed Smencils sell for $1.00 each and come in a case of 500.

  • Birthday Smencils sell for $1 each and come in a case of 300.

  • Smart Peppermint Smencils sell for $1 each and are come in a case of 300.

Check Out Our Smencils Inventory Below!
Graphite Smencils
Holiday Smencils
Halloween Smencils
Sweet Heart Smencils
Smart Smencils
Sports Smencils
Spring Smencils
Spider-Man Smencils
Guardians of the Galaxy
Frozen Smencils
DreamWorks Trolls Smencils
Disney Princess Smencils
Mystery Smencils
Crayola Silly Scents Smencils
Gamer Smencils
Soda Shop Fizzy Pop Smencils
Soda Shop Root Beer Smencils
Soda Shop Cherry Cola Smencils
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